Laser leg vein treatment

Laser leg vein treatment offers you an non-invasive alternative for the clearing of spider veins and reticular veins - with no incision, minimal discomfort and no downtime. It is often used in combination with sclerotherapy

Our laser technology treats leg veins with superior comfort while promoting excellent satisfaction. Our laser leg vein removal uses pulses of laser light at just the right wavelength to constrict the vessels responsible for leg veins, causing the vein to degenerate and visibly disappear.

The laser light passes through the epidermis, only affecting blood vessels, so there is no injury to outer skin. The result? Quick and easy leg vein procedures with reduced side effects and little to no recovery time.

Benefits for you:

• Excellent outcomes for spider and reticular veins
• Noninvasive treatment
• Short procedure time (less than 30 minutes)
• Minimal side effects and no downtime
• Comfortable, well-tolerated leg vein treatment

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