Surgical Skin Procedures

Moles / lesions
It's important to check existing moles regularly and see you GP if you find the mole has changed in appearance and is causing you concern. If you have an unwanted mole which you would like to have removed for cosmetic reasons, this can be treated in a procedure which usually takes no more than 40 minutes.

Skin Tags
Skin tags are benign growths which are
usually flesh coloured or darker pigmented
growths which hang on a stalk of skin. Skin
tags are more prevalent from middle age.

Multiple Lesions
In most cases, more than one lesion can be
removed at the same appointment. This can
be discussed at your consultation.

Campbell Cherry Angioma /Campbell De Morgan growths
Campbell Cherry Angioma /Campbell De Morgan growths are permanent deep red skin spots. They are benign growths which are normally harmless. The growths become more common with age. They start the size of pin pricks and may
increase in size up to 5mm in time. They are
usually found on the torso but can appear
anywhere on the body.

Milia are tiny, white hard plugs of keratin which lie superficially under the skin. They are usually found on facial skin on the cheeks and around the eyes. Although the cause is not certain, it is thought that hormonal imbalance and the use of rich creams may play a part in their development.

07/08/14 -
Mrs BS
' very pleased with multiple mole removal. It has made a real difference for me'

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