Non-permanent Dermal lip and skin fillers

A simple injection of hyaluronic acid gel will hydrate your skin and give it volume. As we get older our production of natural hyaluronic acid diminishes, and this treatment will replenish it. You can improve your looks by enhancing your facial profile, creating fuller lips and smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

The treatment can be completed in a lunch hour. It won’t affect your natural expression and is non-permanent – the gel is absorbed by your body over time. The results are instant and the effects last from 6 months to a year.

We would like to reassure all clients that at the Halo Clinic this treatment is only carried out by a qualified medical professional, either Dr Jonathan Burrows MBBS (London 1996) MRCGP, MRCS (England), DOHNS, DRCOG, DFFP Dr Lauren Richardson who is a registered GP or Sister Jan Wright (RN BA Hons) who has received specialist training in aesthetic procedures.