Who will carry out my treatment?

All clients will be offered a full consultation prior to any treatment to assess their suitability and whether the treatment would be appropriate. Doctor consultations take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 2.30 and 7.00 PM. At the consultation you will be advised who will be carrying out your treatment. There is always a medically trained professional on site during clinic hours.

Injectible treatments (anti-wrinkle injections and non-permanent dermal fillers) are only performed by a doctor or specialist nurse.

Intense pulsed light and laser therapy for skin conditions A consultation with one of our doctors who will advise you whether the treatment will be carried out by a doctor,or a specialist nurse.

Fractional laser treatment Following a consultation with a doctor, treatment will be with a doctor or specialist nurse, according to the underlying condition.

Sclerotherapy and/or laser treatment for leg thread veins is carried out by Dr Anthony Wright.

Minor surgical skin procedures (removal of moles, skin tags, etc) are performed by Dr Jonathan Burrows.

Intense pulsed light permanent hair reduction, facial peels and/or medical microdermabrasion and advanced electrolysis the consultation can be with a doctor, nurse, or, if you have no complex medical needs or underlying skin conditions, a medical aesthetician. Treatments will be carried out by the medical aestheticians.

Treatment Consultation with:- Performed by:-
Non permanent dermal fillers Doctor or specialist nurse Doctor or specialist nurse
Anti-wrinkle injections Doctor Doctor or specialist nurse
Intense Pulsed Light and Laser Therapy for skin conditions Doctor Doctor or specialist nurse
Fractional Laser treatment Doctor Doctor or specialist nurse
Sclerotherapy or Laser treatment for leg thread veins Doctor Doctor
Minor surgical procedures Doctor Doctor
Intense Pulsed Light for hair reduction Doctor, a specialist nurse or aesthetician Aesthetician
Agera skin peel and/medical microdermabrasion Doctor or specialist nurse Aesthetician
Advanced Electrotherapy Doctor Aesthetician
NB: For clients who do not have complex medical conditions or underlying skin problems, the initial consultation can be undertaken by an aesthetician

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